A wedding website is like the beautiful icing on your wedding cake! It’s all about creating a lasting impression. You have endless options to make your website shine when you share your wedding journey on social media.

Of course, the essentials like RSVP, a photo gallery, your love story, venue details, and FAQs are a great place to start. But there’s so much more you can add to make it truly special. Consider including links for your honeymoon fund, heartfelt videos, a personalized page to invite your groomsmen and bridesmaids to be a part of your special day, and many more delightful touches. Your wedding website can be the perfect platform to showcase your love story and excitement, leaving a memorable mark on everyone who visits.

Love Story Package


  • Use our pre-designed wedding template
  • Provide the necessary content (wedding information and photos)
  • Custom domain name (+$10)
  • Ready in 2 days

Imagine effortlessly setting up a unique and memorable wedding experience without any extra hassle. Our user-friendly package is designed with engaged couples like you in mind. When you share your wedding details with us, our dedicated team will work their magic and have everything ready for you in just two days or less. This means you can start sharing your special wedding website with your loved ones in no time!

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Honeymoon Package

Price to be Determined

  • Everything from the Love Story Package
  • Custom domain name (included)
  • Days for completion to be determined once all features are agreed on
  • Customized features or additions

Elevate the charm of your wedding website to new heights! Let’s explore all the wonderful possibilities and special touches that can make your website truly unforgettable. We’ll take the time to chat about each option, crafting a design that perfectly suits your style, and we might even throw in some fantastic ideas for extra pizzazz. Your wedding website deserves that extra WOW factor!

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Love Story Package


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