Hi! I'm Thao Yang

I am a web designer and consultant. I take pride in providing the most optimal and efficient solutions for my clients. If you can imagine it, I will make it possible for you.

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Email: hello@thaoyang.com

What i do

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Web Design

From webpage layout to content production to graphic design, creating a website is an art that funcitons with a combination of HTML and CSS.


Technology is always changing but you don't always need to delete and start over to keep up. You might just need an upgrade.

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Why Do You Need a Website?


Take your business online and decrease cost

With increasing demand for online purchasing, more and more business are moving online from their brick and mortar stores. Having an online store means your store is open 24/7. There are so many benefits to e-commerce.

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Extend your local reach and your market

The Internet allows businesses to break through the geographical barriers and become accessible from anywhere in the world by potential customers. You are open for business all over the world.

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Increase your online presence with a great first impression

Websites can be more creative and innovative than traditional portfolios and are able to share with anyone in the world. Showcase your work to future employer.

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