• Client All Fresh Seafood
  • Project Type Weekly Banners + Consultation

Scope of Project

All Fresh Seafood’s Shopify store faced some challenges during their website refresh process with their previous web development team, and they sought my expertise to help resolve their issues. As a seasoned eCommerce consultant, I provided them with the much-needed consultation and recommended possible solutions to tackle their challenges.

With my assistance, All Fresh Seafood was able to navigate through their website refresh process, and after two months of collaboration, their website was successfully refreshed by their original web development team. However, All Fresh Seafood decided to keep me on retainer to help them update their website’s weekly banner.

As a result of my collaboration, All Fresh Seafood’s website was not only refreshed but also improved in terms of design and functionality. I am pleased to have helped them navigate through their challenges and to have played a role in their success.